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Are you interested to visit Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience as a group?

Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience is the perfect group activity within an already busy day of activities. Because there is no free roaming through the experience, like a traditional museum, it makes it the perfect activity to do with a group up to 50 people in just one hour of time. Upon arrival the group will be splitted into smaller groups of 10 people each, and every 10 minutes a group of 10 people is able to enter the experience.

In addition, the experience does not work with headsets, which means the show is customised to fit your language: German, English, Dutch, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian or Spanish.

We offer reduced prices for group sizes starting from 20 people and up.

The price per person is €11,50 including VAT*
*Payment via invoice and 14 days in advance.

Cancelation: free, however after 14 days before the visit, free cancelation is not possible anymore.

Also we offer a V.I.P. Group visit before or after opening (starting from 10 persons and up). The visit includes a drink, stroopwafel and goodiebag for €22,50 including VAT per person.

More information about group visits, mail to

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